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Bob Fagley Auctioneer
 Lynda Fagley Auction Manager  

              Bob & Lynda Fagleys Auction Web Site

                                              This is where we would like to keep you informed on

                                              upcoming auctions that we are involved with or having.

                                               We enjoy working with area auctioneers. We are also

                                              looking  forward to servicing new clients,So put us in 

                                               your "Favorite Places" and watch us help make

                                              Your auction experience the best it can be!  


Creating an Auction          There are several things to consider when having

                                              an auction. Time, Location, and Auctioneer.

                             Option#1 Onsite Auction is what it suggests. The items

                                              are auctioned off where they are located. There are

                                              several advantages to this option.  No wear or tear

                                              on the items to be auctioned. No costs involved

                                              with packing and transporting items to an auction

                                              facility. Scheduling is easier

                                              Some disadvantages are Location,weather,parking,

                                              and quantity of items you have.


                            Option #2 Consignment Auction is where the items are moved to

                                              an auction facility and are sold with other consignments.

                                               Each consignee has their own designation and will get

                                              their proceeds of their own consignment. Advantage of  

                                              consignment auctions are:  Small quantity of items get

                                              sold in an large auction setting. Labor and advertising

                                             costs are shared fairly by other consigners.

                                              Some disadvantages can be storage and transportation 

                          Option #3 Buy-Outs Just want to make things "Go-Away" 

                                              We can just show up and give you a check on the spot.

                                              Fair price for No-Worry Dispersal 

                                              One thing we won't do is pick up the "Good" stuff and
                                              leave you in a mess. Clean-outs are available. We 
                                              recycle most everything we can. 
                                              We are and will be your FULL SERVICE - 
                                              FULL TIME  Auction Service                       

                                               We can supply cleaning to minor home improvement and

                                               landscaping to get your home ready for market.

                                               AuctionsETC is not able to sell Real Estate, But have     

                                               have aligned themselves with several Auctioneers that

                                               are qualified and Licensed in this growing area.

                                               We will be happy to help you choose the right

                                               Auctioneer for your needs





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