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References: I have been lax on asking for them. I will be contacting my past clients for more. But the following have been sent to me.

Note sent from a couple we did an auction and move to Florida:

A note to say how much I appreciated your work and to let you know that I
would be happy to be a reference as a happy customer. You all were
professional, fun, calm and caring through the entire process. Your
experience and expertise greatly diminished the stress of the move. Could
not believe what all you were able to pack in the trailer.
As you know having lived in Upper Arlington for 37 years, we had accumulated
many possessions--"fine" and otherwise. Having available your "turnkey"
operation--items to auction, to Florida and clean out was smoother than I
ever imagined.

Joanna Kister, Ph.D.


.Note sent from a lady starting a new life in Texas:

Ohio to Texas is quite a distance and the move was flawless. My car made it here in perfect condition as did my clothes, my fragile items, all of my boxes, and what little furniture I had. The fee you charged was minimal and you gave great customer service. I would totally recommend you to anyone who is moving.

Thanks again,
Tina Downey

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Dear Lynda and Bob: My Daughter brought me the check for the auction for the goods you sold for me and I was Impressed. I also want to Thank-you very much on the clean-up of the house and basement. I am sure we will use your name in the future for anyone who needs your services.

Charlotte Leatherman


Dear Bob & Lynda: Thanks so much for all your hard work while cleaning out my parents home. You were prompt,easy to work with and kept your promises.

Best Regards Debbie Smith


I truly appreciate how thoughtful you both are about others family heirlooms. That furniture is my remaining connection to my parents, and I felt very secure that you were the ones handling it for me.
You are special people.
Love to you both and your family,

I want to thank Bob and Lynda for the fine job they did in not only auctioning our merchandise but also in the way they show such professionalism and care for the way they moved furniture, and many other misc. items from three different locations. The price was very reasonable and done in a timely manner. Bob and Lynda are a very personable couple who seem to like what they do and doing it together. I look forward to working with them again in the future and recommending them to my family and friends. Sincerely Jim and Jeanne Bowen.


The following is my story of why I would highly recommend the Fagleys:
I was appointed administrator of an estate. I was overwhelmed by the condition of the property and the amount of work I could foresee would be involved to dispose of everything. I sought out auctioneers but they were only interested in auctioning the property, and did not want to undertake the amount of cleaning, clearing out and organizing of the household items in preparation for an auction. Bob and Lynda Fagley took up the challenge, and even took delight in the job! They were organized, efficient, thorough, and honest and fair in pricing. Since the location did not warrant an ideal auction site, they moved all the items to a facility for auction, advertised extensively, and attracted a big crowd for the day of the auction. I would highly recommend them if you find yourself looking for the best, and want to rid yourself of that "overwhelmed feeling".
Rita Krasen



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